Technology advances very fast and to keeping up with it can be very costly. Especially when it comes to smart phones, it is crucial to upgrade only at given times. It is not financially responsible to buy a new phone every time a new model is released. However, some pointers are simply insisting you get a newer and better phone. Sometimes, it becomes easy to get comfortable with a given device, based on its convenience and comfortable when using, but times change, and some tech becomes obsolete. Below are some pointers to that will help you realize that you need a new smart phone like yesterday.

Pointers that you need a new phone

If you can’t play high-resolution videos on your phone

If your smart phone cannot play high-resolution videos, especialkjsbdckjbskjdcbkjasdbcjkbsdkjcbskajdckjsdcasdcasdly TV shows and movies, my friend I hate to break it to you, but you do need an upgrade as soon as possible. These days, phones have become so convenient that you could use them for entertainment. With other complementing technologies, such as Virtual Reality glasses, you can easily use your phone to watch movies with the clarity and convenience of a private IMAX theater. Make sure that you get yourself a modern phone that is capable of playing high-quality videos and audio.

If the pictures look pixelated

The world is an excellent place, and to ensure that you get the best representation, it is crucial that you have a decent camera when you want to remember a place. Make sure that you take you time to get a phone that has the capability to take high-quality images. A good camera is an essential feature when it comes to modern phones, not to mention that they are affordable, so don’t hesitate to modernize yourself.

When you never seem to have enough storage space

Let’s face it, if you seem to never have enough storage to store media or other files, chances are that your phone is pretty old. It is important that a good phone should be convenient, and allow you to be productive. Therefore, you should get a smart phone that has sufficient internal storage, and allows for considerable external memory expansion.

Has no access to at least 3G connectivity

Getting a stable and fast internet connection is cnsvdhsadvhsdvhjsdhcvhasdvchjavsdchjvsdcsdcritical in modern times, therefore, if you have a mobile phone that has no internet, you should have burry it and get a new one immediately.